Rush Residents Shine at the MARC 2016 Conference
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Rush Department of Anesthesiology at the MARC 2012

Rush Residents shine at the 2016 Midwest Anesthesiology Residents Conference (MARC)

The Department extends its appreciation to the Rush's residents, faculty and staff whose efforts helped to make this year’s 2016 Midwest Anesthesia Resident's Conference (MARC) meeting a rewarding experience. This year the meeting was hosted by the Departments of Anesthesiology at the University of Minnesota, Western University, and Mayo Clinic and was held April 8-10, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. The MARC, which is sponsored by the Association of Midwest Academic Anesthesia Chairs (AMAAC), is the fourth largest Anesthesiology meeting in the country and has a long history of presenting the latest information in the rapidly expanding medical specialty of anesthesiology. This year residents, fellows, medical students, and faculty from over 32 academic institutions convened to present scientific abstracts including case reports, and attend educational panels in an atmosphere of professional collegiality. Many of these institutions participated in last year's meeting which was held in Cleveland, Ohio.

Twenty-three residents of the Rush University Medical Center's Department of Anesthesiology provided twenty six presentations this year at the MARC meeting. Eleven of our residents received awards for their presentations.


Andrew Luebbert (Mentor: Jeffrey Kroin), won Second Place in the Basic Science Category with his research poster presentation, "Effect of intraarticular anti-NGF on knee pain in osteoarthritic mice." The Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) also gives out three awards at the meeting to encourage residents to pursue research. We extend our congratulations to Dr. Luebbert for also receiving Second Place in the FAER Award.

Farheen Sultana, (Mentor: Asokumar Buvanendran), won Second Place in the Pain Category for her research poster presentation, "Reducing pain catastrophizing using cognitive therapy via video teleconferencing: A randomized controlled trial."


Raiyah Sheriffdeen, (Mentor: Arvind Rajagopal), won First Place in the Quality Improvement Category for her powerpoint presentation, "Point of care ultrasonography: An essential skill in the operating room."
Ram Jagannathan, (Mentor: Matthew Jaycox) won First Place in the Pain Category with his powerpoint presentation, "Fluoroscopic guided aspiration and avulsion of an intraspinal synovial cyst."
Gopi Patel, (Mentor: Arvind Rajagopal) won First Place in the Patient Safety Category with her powerpoint presentation, "Myasthenia gravis and plasmapharesis in the pre-operative setting."
Kunal Sualy, (Mentor: Arvind Rajagopal) won First Place in the General Category with his powerpoint presentation, "Hereditary neuralgic amyotrophy."

Kristine Pearson-Chauhan, (Mentor: Arvind Rajagopal), won Second Place in the General Category for her powerpoint presentation, "Diaphragmatic hernia repair in a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta."
Angelica Vargas, (Mentor: Behnoosh Shayegan) won Second Place in the Pediatrics category for her powerpoint presentation, "Failed cerebrospinal fluid aspiration with acute lymphoblastic leukemia."

Jasmine Patel, (Mentor: Behnoosh Shayegan) won Third Place in the Pediatrics Category for her powerpoint presentation, "Cardiac arrest following placement of TEE probe in pediatric cardiac surgery."
Ron Leong, (Mentor: Behnoosh Shayegan) won Third Place in the Neuroscience Category for his presentation, "Posterior tibial nerve somatosensory evoked potential-induced bradycardia and subsequent sinus pause."
Nick Shah, (Mentor: Sarah Cocoma), won Third Place in the General Category for his presentation, "Methyl-methacrylate bone cement causing pulmonary embolism."

We commend these residents for their awards.

We also wish to recognize the other RUSH resident presenters and their mentors for their efforts at this years's meeting. The Department commends them on their presentations and hopes that their participation in this year's MARC meeting proved to be a rewarding experience. They too shined at the MARC this year. A listing of their presentations, along with their faculty mentors/co-authors, are included below.

Basic Science Poster Presentations

  • Leah Koetje, (Mentor: Jeffrey Kroin), "Circadian rhythm disruption increases tactile allodynia in osteoarthritic mice."
  • Dung Pham, (Mentor: Jeffrey Kroin), "Intraarticular VEGF inhibition decreases tactile allodynia and joint degeneration in mice with osteoarthritis."
  • Phillip Traylor, (Mentor: Jeffrey Kroin), "Does perioperative high inspired oxygen fraction reduce surgical site infection from s. aureus in rats?"
  • Jiageng Xu, (Mentor: Jeffrey Kroin), "Local infiltration analgesia to decrease postoperative pain after laparotomy in the rat."

Case Report Powerpoint Presentations

  • Jenny Jun, (Mentor: Alisha Bhatia)(Category: Critical Care), "Spontaneous pneumothorax leading to PEA arrest after C1-3 posterior fusion."
  • Samantha Dao, (Mentor: Arvind Rajagopal) (Category: Cardiovascular), "Tension pneumothorax of the dependent lung following cervical mediastinoscopy and left upper lobectomy VATs."
  • Kadhiresan Murugappan, (Mentor: Anthony Delacruz) (Category: Cardiovascular), "Type A aortic dissection following bypass cannulation via femoral artery."
  • Andrea Sandoval, (Mentor: Chiranjeev Shah) (Category: Cardiovascular), "Pulmonary artertracardiac suture after mitral valve replacement requiring surgical intervention."
  • Andrea Sandoval, (Mentor: Chiranjeev Shah) (Category: Cardiovascular), "Extensive prosthetic valve infective endocarditis requiring Commando procedure for atrial valve replacement and mitral valve replacement."
  • James Simmons, (Mentor: Brian Birmingham) (Category: Cardiovascular), "Liver transplant with intraoperative pulmonary embolism diagnosed with transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE)."
  • Jasmine Patel, (Mentor: Arvind Rajagopal) (Category: General), "Post operative weakness in a patient with post-polio syndrome."
  • Lauren Reilly, (Mentor: Binjon Sriratana) (Category: General), "Prolonged paralysis after administration of succinylcholine."
  • Shawn Jeet Saini, (Mentor: Joel Biala) (Category: Patient Safety), "Positive Outcome for Treatment of Ischemic Stroke with Tissue Plasminogen Activator (TPA) Two Hours Following Neuraxial Catheter Discontinuation."
  • Angelica Vargas, (Mentors: Gilat Zisman, Patricia Perry) (Category: Obstetric) "Delivery of craniopagus conjoined twins, the anesthetic management and successful implementation of simulation and the multidisciplinary approach."
  • Samantha Gitelis, (Mentor: Behnoosh Shayegan) (Category:Pediatrics), "Total vertical II craniopagus twins."

Next year's MARC meeting will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Chicago, IL on April 21-23, 2017. Our Department looks forward to participation in next year's meeting.

Please join the Department in congratulating our Rush residents who received awards at this year's MARC meeting and in commending all of those who participated in the meeting.